How do Metal Roofs get Installed?
Mighty Metal Roofing is a unique company because we custom install each standing seam metal roof. We bring our machine to your home and custom roll out our each Mighty Metal metal sheet. Our roofing team has been installing metal roofs for over 20 years and they are the area’s experts. You want a roofing team experienced in metal, metal roofing is a trade and you want to make sure you are hiring trade experts. It is not installed the same way as a shingle roof. Quality products last longer and take a little more time to install because they are install correctly, but why rush and install something quickly and be disappointed later? Your roof protects your entire home. We also custom cut the trim pieces and our expert team installs them on site to fit your home. You can place metal on top of shingles, it depends on the building codes in your area, our consultant can tell you when he measures your roof the codes for your area. Typically, we place underlayment down then the metal on top of the underlayment, one piece of metal at a time. Many homeowners worry about the added weight, when in fact, metal roofs are much lighter in comparison to their traditional counterpart. Don’t worry, your home is a lot stronger than you think and metal is a lot lighter than you might realize. Might Metal Roofing | Local Midsouth Roofing Specialist Are you ready to start enjoying the many benefits of metal roofing? Let Mighty Metal Roofing help you choose and install the perfect metal roof for your home. We are your local Midsouth Roofing Specialist who frequently work in areas such as Memphis, Bartlett, Horn Lake, Arlington, Oxford, Southaven, Senatobia, and Olive Branch. If you are looking to also install energy efficient windows, we can also help you! Mighty Metal Roofing also offers a variety of financing options to fit your budget. Ask about our finance summer specials and savings.

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Metal Roof Home Insurance Discounts

The Benefit of a Metal Roof

Overtime, it is normal for a homeowner to see their home insurance rise. What most homeowners don’t know is that they could mitigate the increase by installing a metal roof. Aside from saving on heating and cooling, the next best metal roof benefit is reducing your home insurance premium. Roof discounts can range between 5% to 35%. Companies like, us, Mighty Metal Roofing, are here to provide roofing solutions to help you save money. Before we get into metal roof insurance discounts, let’s look at the average home insurance rates across the midsouth.

Average Annual Home Insurance Premiums in the Midsouth

  • Tennessee: $1,521
  • Arkansas: $2,063
  • Mississippi: $2,290

Metal Roof Home Insurance Discounts

Next time you talk to your agent, ask about these discounts!

1. New Roof Discount

If shingles are falling off your roof, it may be time for a new roof. You may want to consider a metal roof. A metal roof not only checks every point mentioned below, but it could save you about $24,000 in energy bill costs over a 20-year period. Although, that’s not the best part. The average lifespan of a metal roof is 50 years, which much longer than other types of roofs. So, throughout the lifespan of a metal roof, you could nearly $48,000 in energy bill costs. As for the new roof discount, many insurance companies across most states offer new roof discounts. They offer this discount because the risk for you filing a claim decreases when you install a new roof, hence a decrease in your home insurance premium. For safety reasons, regardless of the discount, it is always a good idea to install a durable roof.

2. Impact Resistant Discount

This discount is available in all the Midsouth states mentioned above and is common amongst insurance companies. Regardless of where you are in the US, hail storms are possible. The percentage of your discount varies depending upon the roof’s impact resistance classification.

3. Fire Resistant Discount

A common way that fires spread in neighborhoods is through embers landing on roofs and sparking the roof material. Metal roofs hold the highest rating in fire resistance. Not only could you get a discount, but having a metal roof can keep your home safe from external fires.

4. EnergyStar Roof Discount

Metal roofs are environmentally friendly. Our roofs are made up of 40% recycled steel and are 100% recyclable. Our roofs are also EnergyStar approved. Though this may not directly reduce your premium, it does save you money. EnergyStar approved roofs can receive a tax credit for 10% of the cost to install the roof.

Start Saving Now!

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